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We are nimble; part of your team who pop up like magical elves just when you need us. It goes without saying we do anything communications related, but since we’ll surely become friends, cat sitting and casseroles are also possible. Allow us to brag about some of the amazing people and organizations that we've gotten to work with! Jealous?

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with friends like these...

Large Projects

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Who's At the Table?

The National Farm to School Network 

Jan 2022—Jan 2023

Now is the time to invest in nourishing school meals for all kids—and value everyone who gets it to their table. Just as farm to school is a triple win for kids, farmers and communities, policies that expand healthy school meals with our six shared community values benefit us all.

"We love the Flannel & Blade team for their commitment to joy and professionalism. You should totally work with them."

Karen Spangler, NFSN 

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