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HTC_Heritage Library_Nature Symphony 02E
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HTC_Heritage Library_Nature Symphony 02E

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Our Collective Model

Creative freelancer life can suck.  We value and honor the relationships we have with our collective members to do business in a new and better way. We get each other work, teach each other fascinating stuff about nerdy things, and we never, ever throw each other under any buses. 

What is the Flannel & Blade Collective?

A group of wildly talented creatives, strategists and architects of logic and flow that roam together in a merry band to do good work, for work that is good. We send in swat teams of badass professionals like the oceans eleven gang pulling a diamond heist. Only we aren’t stealing anything, we’re leaving treasure in place.


We’re independent creative entrepreneurs with the very real goal of a work-life balance that includes radical rest.

We are civically minded, focused on communities and equitable and open access to everything.

We run the whole range of the creative gamut.


We believe true progress requires honesty and transparency so we cultivate trusting relationships that empower us.


We do not bullshit each other. We will not bullshit you either.


We value collective learning. No one individual has all the answers.

Who You Are:

  • You are community minded. You want to work with civic minded people on civic minded projects.

  • You approach projects with humor and fortitude.

  • You are sick of the typical agency model and homogeneous nature of the whole creative industry with its  performative attempts at diversity and inclusion.

  • You like to try new approaches and creative solutions to challenges.

  • You are unwaveringly inclusive: willing to seek diverse perspectives and encourage all voices to be heard in the pursuit of doing exceptional work.

  • You don’t just care about social and racial justice and equality, you live it.

Who We're Looking For:

  • AI/ Chat GPT nerds 

  • Cultural Producers

  • Artists

  • Graphic designers

  • Grantwriters

  • Project managers

    We  aren't currently looking for any more folks outside these disciplines, and we open up our books about twice a year. But if you have a project that's too big for you to handle, shoot us an email and we'll see if we can throw down with you! 

Why the Collective Model?

  • We believe we are stronger together and we love and rely on this brain trust to surface the most innovative and creative solutions. 

  • We like to share, not hoard good ideas, amazing people, and all our networks 

  • We can work together to customize everything to  fit a client’s budget and goals 

  • It offers a level of flexibility that is impossible to achieve any other way

  • It makes us nimble, eliminates bureaucracy and broadens access to creativity

Check back soon when we have availability! 

HTC_Heritage Library_Nature Symphony 04E
HTC_Heritage Library_Nature Symphony 04E
HTC_Heritage Library_Nature Symphony 04E
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