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We are Flannel and Blade. Kind of elder, very queer, BIPOC creative leaders who between us leverage 60+ collective years of strategy, content creation, event, marketing and communications experience. 

We deliver high impact creative and communications work for nonprofits, foundations, communities and small businesses. We are queer artists that love to play and have a serious goal of providing services to those who are making a difference. We have built our foundation on social justice, and we only work with, and serve people who are doing the same.


If you’re trying to say it out loud, we can help. Heck, if you’re even just thinking it we can make it real. If you’re trying to create a feeling, we can do that. If you’re trying to get people on board, we’ll put on our cute little sailor outfits and welcome them up the gangplank. As you can see, we really go the extra mile. 

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We use traditional and emerging creative techniques to help good people doing good work leveraging the full potential of media tools that usually only the big boys can afford. We  aim to serve organizations regardless of their budgets by operating a sliding scale. 

Our talented collective is drawn from traditionally underserved creative and freelance communities. On purpose. We are making a community here,  offering access to professional networking, all the tools of the trade, and each other, in order to amplify all of our social capital and impact. 


We are committed to diversity and inclusion inside and out, and are breaking the traditional agency model bogged down as it is in hetero-normativite nonsense, patriarchy and white supremacy culture.  We know that a diverse workforce increases productivity, creativity and impact so we prioritize working with BIPOC folks, Women, Queers, and Rural communities.

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We are real humans who really care. Not in a bleeding heart kind of way, but in a real we-want-you-to-succeed kind of way. It’s wild that this is considered a superpower in this day and age, but there you have it.  During our first meeting we’ll listen to you, find out what you need and then together, we’ll make it happen. We’ll cut to the chase, tell it like it is, ask a bunch of awkward questions, make you get real, and we’ll all have fun doing it. We’ve got a whole team of creatives just sitting there whittling spoons until we call upon them. So if you want something, we’ve either got it in house already or it’s in our extensive rolodex of badasses. WHO HAS A ROLODEX OF BADASSERY? Us. That’s who.

  • Big picture communications strategists 

  • Editorial planners

  • Social media nerds

  • Gatherers and cat-herders 

  • Writers with cheeky voices

  • Unboring facilitators and teachers

  • Award-winning filmmakers

  • Graphic designers who can tell a story   

  • Content creators

  • Program designers 

  • Soup-to-nuts conference organizers

  • Community builders

  • Brand experts

  • Storytellers

  • Press handlers

  • Case study gatherers

  • Photographers

  • Network weavers

  • Connectors  

  • Data crunchers

  • Online community builders

  • Online and in-person workshop facilitation and panel moderation

  • Online and in-person media training and curriculum development



what can't they do?



As you can see, our cooperative contains a multitude of individual skills and the talent to weave it all together into something bigger where it’s needed. We see patterns, we see big pictures, we see everything. That allows us to marshal the right troops and put them to work. We are nimble. We can flex. If collectively we were a gymnast we would be Simone Biles.









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our growing


If you’re interested in working with us, we’d be delighted to have a no pressure chat. Fill out this short form below and we’ll get together. In 28 minutes we’ll hear more about what you’re up to, tell you a bit about us, and then we’ll give you a no nonsense appraisal of what you’re going to need to get you where you want to go.


Sound good? Great. 


Let’s get to work.


pull up 

a chair

The best 28 minutes of your week.

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Join our Collective!

Creative freelancer life got you down? We’ve been there.  Sometimes it sucks. We are offering a new way to do business. Want to work with a  collective of peers who work together, get each other jobs, build each other up and be there for each other. Join us for a different way to make a buck with colleagues you'll love working with, for clients that are not assholes.